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Vintage Printage History



Vintage Printage came about as the result of a happy accident. In 2021, a major Los Angeles library digitized their collection of magazines and was going to throw away their physical copies. We thought we'd drop by and pick up a few - a few turned out to be all of them. In the beginning, it was about preserving the historical archive and sharing it with others. We made an active choice not to offer these pages online because the conversations that happen while viewing them in person build connection and community. 

We weren't exactly sure what we were going to do but a background in the social sciences and an inhuman need to categorize (in alphabetical order) got us started. The ads had to be preserved in acid-free archival sleeves to mitigate the impact of time and atmosphere. This made it very easy to store the individual ads and group them into categories. After our first outing at a local coffee shop during an artwalk (pictured below), we knew we were onto something good. Just like us, everyone found something they could love in the collection of ads.

Once Dotty, our vintage pop-up peddler, (depicted on our home page) came onto the scene, the rest is Herstory. 

It's OK to be Ad-Curious

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